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What to Wear: Summer Formal


This is a short lookbook video I made for some ideas on what I would wear to a formal or semi-formal occasion during warmer months. I had some formal events to attend this spring/summer and thought I would share some of the dresses I considered. In the end I chose the two blue ones to wear. The red one is a bit large on me and I may consider adding it for sale on my Poshmark closet. Which one is your favorite?

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Day Trip to Wolffer Estate

This past Easter weekend I took a trip out East to the Hamptons, I thought I’d share some of the video I took, it was a beautiful warm spring day. The skies were clear and the traffic wasn’t so bad.  The drive out there and back was half the fun.  We had planned to go to a few different places, such as the 2 other vineyards out there, and also Shelter Island.  Wolffer Estate was the only vineyard open to visit, and although we did make it out to Shelter Island, there really wasn’t much going on and it was quite difficult to find a spot opened for lunch.  Taking the ferry to the island was pretty interesting, it’s not included in the video though since the Shelter Island trip was pretty uneventful.

Sorry for the quality, i’m still trying to figure out how to maintain the video quality when uploading to YouTube. For some reason iMovie wouldn’t allow me to share to YouTube; anyway, this is just a short little video of the day trip!


Something Here is Not Like The Others…


I am the type of person who likes to relax alone, usually in quiet.  I love being home on my couch, watching tv, on my computer or reading a book. This is my personality, but, there are times were I want to be with friends I want to be out and about.  Over the past year I made it a point to interact more go out plan get togethers and not make excuses to miss events I am invited to… but wait why do I still feel like i’m not really there?  I am out with friends but I feel like I’m hanging out by myself… it’s sort of like i’m there but I am not there.  I watch them talk amongst themselves, whisper to each other, or I feel like I have nothing to add to this conversation, they speak of things I wasn’t involved in…  Inside jokes, things they have done together that I wasn’t there for…

Do any of you ever feel like you are not part of your social groups?  You have friends but you feel sort of disconnected and out of the circle.  I have felt this way since I can remember.  At first I thought maybe it’s because i’m not being friendly or I am actually not attempting to be social with people.  When I say social I mean accepting invitations, talking with them, suggesting plans.  I made the effort, I went out, I went to the get-togethers (even if sometimes I wanted to stay in).  Then I realized, even though I tried speaking to them more, planning brunches, bbq’s, beach trips, I still don’t feel close to anyone.

I think I really realized recently…  even if I participate in activities, I still don’t feel included sort of like the kid that always gets picked last in gym.  I’m not sure why I am overlooked but at least I know now, it’s not because I don’t try to be social; by the way, being social was so tiring sometimes. I understand now that I am just how I am, I won’t try to be something I’m not, some super social butterfly, it’s just not me.  Maybe this makes me come across as rude or uncaring, but hopefully people who take the time to know me, know this is not true.

Somehow as if the universe knew I was seeking answers, I came across some videos and articles about Highly Sensitive people and Indigos.  Now some of you might really think I’m odd, but then; you cannot relate, every one is different and our personalities are different; if you know what i’m talking about then you understand what I mean by this entire post.

Do you know what it means to be a highly sensitive person or an Indigo?  When I say highly sensitive, it doesn’t mean getting your feeling hurt easily, it’s means that you may think or see things in ways others don’t.  One of the videos I  came across was at Shir Levi’s channel: Life as a Highly Sensitive Person  A lot of the things she stated in this video resonate with me, and describe me so well, it also helped me understand a lot of why I feel certain ways sometimes.  I’ve been thinking about this post for a while, and it took me a few months to write and post it, but I felt its something I wanted to share even though it is on a more serious note, I hope that this can help some of you also.


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My Top “Adulting” Fails…

Remember when you were living with your parents, going to school, and maybe had your part-time job after?  You’d come home, dinner would be ready or food would be in the fridge, you wouldn’t have to worry about groceries, rent, bills etc..  You just went to school, did your HW, chores, went to work for a few hours and then hung out with friends in between.  But there comes a time where we want more independence, we want to live on our own and do whatever we want.  Moving out of your parents house means, more privacy, more independence, and a sense of freedom.

Living on your own is great, but this also means everything and I mean everything is your responsibility! Enter “Adulting”, the term we use when we are on our own and trying to deal with all the daily responsibilities that come with it. I’ve been living on my own for quite sometime now, and I still have adulting fails frequently.  So these are my top adulting fails and what I try to do to fix them.

  1. Not paying attention to your finances

This is probably my top fail.  Falling behind or forgetting to monitor my finances is a common problem.  This includes forgetting to pay utility bills, credit cards, overspending and not following a budget.  It’s so easy to overspend when everything is just a swipe or a click away!  In order to help myself here I use an app called Mint that lets me see my spending for all my accounts in one place.  It even has bill reminders to let me know when either an auto withdrawal will take place or when a bill is due.  Mint is great because it creates monthly budgets for categories based on your current spending, and this can be adjusted as desired.  It also yells at you when you are going over your monthly budget for a spending category.  Let’s just say, I get yelled at a lot…. I could go on and on about this topic, but I won’t for now

2. Not properly managing your time

Hmmm I want to watch these YouTube videos but I should be making my lunch/dinner for the next few days, aah it’s just a 15 min video… oh, the next video looks interesting too…. before you know it an hour has gone by.  Losing track of time is so easy, there are so many distractions, you jump on FB on your phone; start browsing through your feed, check Instagram, then you look at snap chat, start playing with filters and snap a few friends… before you know it an hour has gone by and you haven’t even started doing your laundry….  I try to set myself a schedule of house chores on the weekends from a certain time, study on weekdays at least an hour, do my hw at work during lunch, etc..

Honestly, i’m still trying to work on this one, it’s more about will power and just not letting yourself get distracted when you know you need to be doing other things.

3. Leaving things to do for later

Procrastination is the enemy!  I am a massive procrastinator ever since I can remember, I always leave things to do for later.  I remember having weeks to do a project and then staying up late the night before it’s due to finish it because I had barely worked on it.  It’s a terrible affliction that plagues many of us…  What I try to do here is when I need to do something important like replace the battery in the smoke detector, ….. oh that thing was beeping I just took the battery out to make it stop, I’ll replace them later.   Later turns into 3 months from now, or maybe never…. This is actually an important thing you should have working and so easily over looked.  So I just told myself,  replace them right now.  No batteries? Well put it on the list and buy them when you go out later today.  Now… placing the smoke detector back in its ceiling holder is a different story….  but at least its working.

4. Not prioritizing

This one goes along with 2 and 3.  Having an idea of what is most important to get done will make things so much easier.  I make a check list of the more urgent stuff I need to do.  I use my phone’s task list that can give reminders, but a notepad works too, just make sure you actually refer to it and check things off!  It’s so satisfying to check things off a list that have been sitting there for a while!

5. Letting the stress get to you

Sometimes I just feel it’s all too much for me, I work full time, but I also want to do other things to learn more about my field, I like taking courses and studying to expand my knowledge.  I want to make YouTube videos and work on my blog.  But I also need to take care of my household chores, and I want to have some sort of a social life as well as time for myself to relax.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I just don’t want to do any of it.  It’s important not to let the stress get to you, sometimes we all just need a moment.  The best thing for me to do here to motivate myself is just take is slow, I take a moment to myself to relax and do what I want maybe I complain a little to friends and just vent >.<, watch some YouTube and tv on the couch, and then either I do my daily exercise or I leave the house and do errands I need to get done outside first. I don’t know why but this sort of kicks me to get going, I guess because i’m already out and about and get some motivation.

So this doesn’t always work, sometimes there are weekends that i’m SO tired from the week, I just want to relax and this is ok, a long as it’s not ALL the time.  I get the more important things done (like some light cleaning, laundry and bills) and i’ll take a few hours or the rest of the day to myself and to do what I want.  Usually after taking a short moment to rest I’ll have some desire to do something else around the house.

I am guilty of all of these and I frequently try to fix it.   I also live in a pretty old three story house, so some of the things I deal with, a lot of people who live in apartments with roommates or rooms wouldn’t come across, or not at such a scale. It’s my choice to live in a house, so I guess i’m sort of asking for it, I love my space and I have the opportunity to do what I like with the house while living in it.  So these are my top adulting struggles what are some of yours? What do you do when you need to relax a little?


My Juice Cleanse Fail…

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, you should always do what you think it right for yourself and your health.  Each of our bodies are different.

Ahh… Juice cleanses, they seem like a great way to reset your body, drink all your nutrients and start back on the path to healthy eating.  Some people say they are great, you give your body a break from digesting heavier foods, and feed your body with juices full of ingredients for cleansing and other healthy benefits.  You should always do your research before trying any type of fasting or diet, and of course listen to your body.

On Monday I decided to try a three day juice cleanse, actually I was going to start with one day, see how I felt then do another day see how I felt and same for the third day.  This isn’t my first time doing a juice cleanse, I have done just 1 day at a time in the past.  When doing a juice cleanse, it’s recommended that you ease into it.  What that means is you eat less and lighter foods for the week leading up the the day you start your cleanse.   When picking the time for doing a cleanse you should choose a time where you will not be under a lot of stress, this should be a time to revitalize and reset.

The juice cleanse I usually do is the Renovation Cleanse from Blue Print cold pressed juices . It comes in a box of 6 juices numbered 1-6 and you drink each of them in order through out the day.  The juice flavors are varied, and I think they taste great.

So on Monday I did day one of my cleanse, started in the morning drank my first green juice on the way to work.  At around 12 I had my second juice, pineapple mint (it was delicious).  At 3 pm I had my 3rd Juice and was feeling a bit hungry.  You are allowed to each minimal amounts of food if you get very hungry.  You can eat cucumbers, carrots or have sone almond milk if you really feel you need it.   By 4pm I was really feeling that I was not going to make it.  I couldn’t think clearly anymore and I felt dizzy, so I had to each something.  I ate a granola bar and basically stopped the cleanse.  It was probably just a bad time to start, sometimes your body wont respond well to a lack of certain nutrients.  I needed something more than what the juices were giving me so I had to eat.  The juices don’t really contain protein or fiber and a lot of other things your body requires.  So that’s why If you feel sick, you should stop and gradually eat again, don’t go have a huge greasy meal but start small, soup, salad.  This is the same when you are ending your full cleanse, start with small light meals and gradually add things back.

There could be a few reasons my cleanse didn’t go as expected, maybe it just was not a good time for me, I was more tired than usual, I hadn’t prepared well up to the cleanse.  Also I felt I might be coming down with a cold, all these things factor in and affect the way your body reacts.  Eventually i’ll try again, maybe when the weather is warmer and i’m feeling less sleepy and tired.  I have 3 juices left and I’ll just drink those up as a normal part of my day.


When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brushes?


Using dirty makeup brushes is a facial hygiene no-no!  Do you keep your makeup brushes clean?  When was the last time you washed them?  Many of us overlook this important hygiene step.  We forget or we think “Ehh, it doesn’t look that dirty”…  But being diligent about keeping your brushes clean will help keep bacteria off your skin, and also improve how the makeup goes on and extend the life of the brush.  How nice does it feel to use a nice clean brush?

Sometimes cleaning the brushes just becomes something that you keep putting off, and it never gets done; but washing your brushes should be something you automatically do, like changing your sheets, or washing your towel.  So how often should they be cleaned?  I think it depends on how you use them and how often.  Products like concealers and creams ideally should be cleaned of daily, this could be a huge pain so it’s best to have multiple brushes use new ones then clean them all at the end of the week of something.  Other types of brushes used for powders could probably go a bit more such as every 3 days, maybe weekly at most.  There are also daily brush sprays that can help keep the bacteria off and go longer without washing, but it’s not a replacement and they should still get a proper cleaning.

So how do I clean my brushes?  Well I used to use my hands and shampoo.  I did it this way because my brushes aren’t high end ones, but I think that if you own an expensive set of brushes they should be washed with brush shampoo and and brush wash pad (sort of like a washboard for you brushes).  I recently bought these really cute Heart Shaped Brush Cleaners from amazon. This Butterfly shaped one is also so awesome but it’s a bit more expensive so I opted for the 2 hearts. You could use a facial cleaning pad but in my opinion they are a bit small and the price is almost even with the ones designed for brushes, also the grooves are different so I feel like the brush one can get the brush cleaner without damaging it’s shape.  The brush shampoo I use is the EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo, I picked it up from Whole Foods for like 3 dollars, Amazon has it for quite a lot more so I recommend going to the store or doing some research on a good brush shampoo. You can leave them to air dry on a towel or stand them in a cup, or you could blow dry them a bit :).  Yes, I have used my blow dryer on my brushes!  But these brush drying racks are so cool and I think I may get one of them next….

So as you can see you don’t need much to give your brushes a good clean, mainly it’s just pushing yourself to do it.   But it’s for a good cause, clean brushes will help makeup go on more evenly, help prevent breakouts because you’ll keep the bacteria off your face, and extend the life of your brushes.  So how do you all feel about this routine?  Do you do anything different when it comes to how often or the method of cleaning?


I Was So Annoyed… Then I did My Workout…

Have you guys ever had one of those days, where you had to get something done that you just really didn’t feel like doing?   Last Sunday, I had to mount some hard drives for a new rack server.  10 drives, it was the most tedious task ever, especially since there was all kinds of things wrong with the mounts, some screws were too long, the holes didn’t line up properly; anyway, something that should have taken an hour, took 3 hours.

I felt like I had wasted my Sunday, I didn’t feel like I had done anything productive at all!  I was in a terrible mood and it was already the evening.  I don’t know about you guys, but I like to relax on Sunday evenings and not have to be cooking and cleaning.  I hadn’t prepared any of my meals for the week, or finished all my house chores.  Instead of sitting there and just feeling annoyed that my day was almost over and I hadn’t gotten much done; I went to do my daily workout.  After doing my exercise I felt a lot better, my workouts are pretty short, only about 15-20 minutes.  I think for me as long as I can get my workout in I can have a somewhat productive day it also helps to motivate me to get up off my bum and do stuff.  Are any of you the same?

Exercise helps clear your mind since you have to focus on what you are doing.  Afterwards I felt more energized and motivated to start doing other things.  I was able to prep some quick meals for Monday and Tuesday as well as organize a few things around that house.  I didn’t get everything I needed to do done, but I felt better knowing that I had done at least a little more than I would have if I just sat around feeling annoyed.   How do you try and motivate yourself when you’re having one of those days where you have SO much to do but limited time and you kind of want to relax also?