September Goals

 I always feel more motivated when a new season is about to begin, so a few days ago I posted a story on my Instagram with my September goals.  If you missed it you should follow me so you don’t miss anything else. I wanted to write a blog post to elaborate a bit on my story post since it was just a short blurb about what my goals are.

Personal Goal:

Go to bed on time – I am not  morning person, so why do I go to bed so late?? I always try to make it to be before 12:00 am (darn you Netflix!), 11:00 pm would be my ideal bedtime, but lately i’ve been staying up even past 12:00 am. The next morning I feel so tired and drained and by the time I get home from work I don’t want to do anything else. So my goal for this month is to start getting to bed by 11:00 pm again. Getting to bed on time and going to bed at the right time are just good for you over all, you will feel better in your waking hours and be more productive!

Work Goals:

Start studying for the Microsoft certification again-  A few months ago I decided to go for my second Microsoft Certification for Database Administration, I purchased the book and all but never really was diligent with my study schedule.  If I study consistently I could get through the study material and be ready in about 2.5 – 3 months. I should aim to take the exam by the end of the year or early next year (because you know holidays)!

Health Goal:

Go back to hot yoga – I’m actually pretty consistent with this one, I cycle my hot yoga practice throughout the year. In the summertime I don’t go as often (because who wants to come out of a hot yoga room to more hot air lol). Typically I practice once a week or every other week. Hot yoga helps me stretch myself, let go of toxins, relax and feel better overall, it’s something I look forward to during the week.

Hobby Goal:

Relaunch my blog – I think I can say this one is completed since you are reading this post.  I started this blog in 2016 but didn’t take it too seriously and also I didn’t prepare enough or put in the work it deserved. I made a lot of changes in order to relaunch and went over them in a post here! So my sub-goal (is that a thing?) is to continue to plan out the content for the rest of the month and next month!

Financial Goal:

Start a savings account for pet health expenses.  – I know, this may sound weird to some of you, but hear me out!  Maybe i’m OCD but I have separate savings accounts for some things, like my car expenses, vacations etc… This way when I DO have to (or want to) spend on one of these things, I don’t have to reach into my daily checking account and make a sad face =D.  So having a savings for cat expenses like veterinary check ups and meds plus something in case of emergencies is something I really want to do. Before Debutante passed away 2 years ago I spent a large amount of money on her vet expenses, If I had just saved some dollars every month I could have helped myself a bit during that time and not had to eat bread sticks and mayo for lunch (just kidding I didn’t go that far). I rather do this than pay an insurance every month that I can’t even be sure will cover what I need.  So yes, my cats are going to have a savings account…

That’s all my goals for the month!  I’ve got one down so far and will keep working towards the others.  What are your goals for this month, and how far along in them are you?  Also, If you like this kind of post let me know and I will continue to do them each month!

Quote of the month:

Creativity is Intelligence having fun .

Albert Einstein