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Day Trip to Wolffer Estate

This past Easter weekend I took a trip out East to the Hamptons, I thought I’d share some of the video I took, it was a beautiful warm spring day. The skies were clear and the traffic wasn’t so bad.  The drive out there and back was half the fun.  We had planned to go to a few different places, such as the 2 other vineyards out there, and also Shelter Island.  Wolffer Estate was the only vineyard open to visit, and although we did make it out to Shelter Island, there really wasn’t much going on and it was quite difficult to find a spot opened for lunch.  Taking the ferry to the island was pretty interesting, it’s not included in the video though since the Shelter Island trip was pretty uneventful.

Sorry for the quality, i’m still trying to figure out how to maintain the video quality when uploading to YouTube. For some reason iMovie wouldn’t allow me to share to YouTube; anyway, this is just a short little video of the day trip!

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