My Juice Cleanse Fail…

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, you should always do what you think it right for yourself and your health.  Each of our bodies are different.

Ahh… Juice cleanses, they seem like a great way to reset your body, drink all your nutrients and start back on the path to healthy eating.  Some people say they are great, you give your body a break from digesting heavier foods, and feed your body with juices full of ingredients for cleansing and other healthy benefits.  You should always do your research before trying any type of fasting or diet, and of course listen to your body.

On Monday I decided to try a three day juice cleanse, actually I was going to start with one day, see how I felt then do another day see how I felt and same for the third day.  This isn’t my first time doing a juice cleanse, I have done just 1 day at a time in the past.  When doing a juice cleanse, it’s recommended that you ease into it.  What that means is you eat less and lighter foods for the week leading up the the day you start your cleanse.   When picking the time for doing a cleanse you should choose a time where you will not be under a lot of stress, this should be a time to revitalize and reset.

The juice cleanse I usually do is the Renovation Cleanse from Blue Print cold pressed juices . It comes in a box of 6 juices numbered 1-6 and you drink each of them in order through out the day.  The juice flavors are varied, and I think they taste great.

So on Monday I did day one of my cleanse, started in the morning drank my first green juice on the way to work.  At around 12 I had my second juice, pineapple mint (it was delicious).  At 3 pm I had my 3rd Juice and was feeling a bit hungry.  You are allowed to each minimal amounts of food if you get very hungry.  You can eat cucumbers, carrots or have sone almond milk if you really feel you need it.   By 4pm I was really feeling that I was not going to make it.  I couldn’t think clearly anymore and I felt dizzy, so I had to each something.  I ate a granola bar and basically stopped the cleanse.  It was probably just a bad time to start, sometimes your body wont respond well to a lack of certain nutrients.  I needed something more than what the juices were giving me so I had to eat.  The juices don’t really contain protein or fiber and a lot of other things your body requires.  So that’s why If you feel sick, you should stop and gradually eat again, don’t go have a huge greasy meal but start small, soup, salad.  This is the same when you are ending your full cleanse, start with small light meals and gradually add things back.

There could be a few reasons my cleanse didn’t go as expected, maybe it just was not a good time for me, I was more tired than usual, I hadn’t prepared well up to the cleanse.  Also I felt I might be coming down with a cold, all these things factor in and affect the way your body reacts.  Eventually i’ll try again, maybe when the weather is warmer and i’m feeling less sleepy and tired.  I have 3 juices left and I’ll just drink those up as a normal part of my day.

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