When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brushes?


Using dirty makeup brushes is a facial hygiene no-no!  Do you keep your makeup brushes clean?  When was the last time you washed them?  Many of us overlook this important hygiene step.  We forget or we think “Ehh, it doesn’t look that dirty”…  But being diligent about keeping your brushes clean will help keep bacteria off your skin, and also improve how the makeup goes on and extend the life of the brush.  How nice does it feel to use a nice clean brush?

Sometimes cleaning the brushes just becomes something that you keep putting off, and it never gets done; but washing your brushes should be something you automatically do, like changing your sheets, or washing your towel.  So how often should they be cleaned?  I think it depends on how you use them and how often.  Products like concealers and creams ideally should be cleaned of daily, this could be a huge pain so it’s best to have multiple brushes use new ones then clean them all at the end of the week of something.  Other types of brushes used for powders could probably go a bit more such as every 3 days, maybe weekly at most.  There are also daily brush sprays that can help keep the bacteria off and go longer without washing, but it’s not a replacement and they should still get a proper cleaning.

So how do I clean my brushes?  Well I used to use my hands and shampoo.  I did it this way because my brushes aren’t high end ones, but I think that if you own an expensive set of brushes they should be washed with brush shampoo and and brush wash pad (sort of like a washboard for you brushes).  I recently bought these really cute Heart Shaped Brush Cleaners from amazon. This Butterfly shaped one is also so awesome but it’s a bit more expensive so I opted for the 2 hearts. You could use a facial cleaning pad but in my opinion they are a bit small and the price is almost even with the ones designed for brushes, also the grooves are different so I feel like the brush one can get the brush cleaner without damaging it’s shape.  The brush shampoo I use is the EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo, I picked it up from Whole Foods for like 3 dollars, Amazon has it for quite a lot more so I recommend going to the store or doing some research on a good brush shampoo. You can leave them to air dry on a towel or stand them in a cup, or you could blow dry them a bit :).  Yes, I have used my blow dryer on my brushes!  But these brush drying racks are so cool and I think I may get one of them next….

So as you can see you don’t need much to give your brushes a good clean, mainly it’s just pushing yourself to do it.   But it’s for a good cause, clean brushes will help makeup go on more evenly, help prevent breakouts because you’ll keep the bacteria off your face, and extend the life of your brushes.  So how do you all feel about this routine?  Do you do anything different when it comes to how often or the method of cleaning?

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