Confessions of Cruise 2017… Part 1

I recently went on a cruise with Carnival cruise line.   It was a 7 day eastern Caribbean trip. I’ve always heard about people getting sick on cruises so I prepared myself.  I brought along activated charcoal capsules, digestive bitters and granola bars.  I also was careful with what I ate and I took care not to overeat; since it was all inclusive, food was always available.  Also practicing good hygiene and hand washing is so important.  If possible bringing a small  travel sized Lysol spray or wipes are a great idea and of course I never leave home with out my hand sanitizer!

This being my first time I was not sure  what to expect.  I probably should have done a bit more research on what I should bring, especially to entertain myself on the days at sea. Days at sea mean  you are on the ship for more than 24 hours, no stops.  I’m not a big drinker or eater and this seems to be what people mostly do on cruises.  Eat, drink, lay by the pool and/or play in the casino on board.   Even though I was on a ship and on vacation, I still did my daily workout. There was a nice sized gym on board so I was able to work out properly and use their sauna as well.

This was the first long cruise I have ever done, and honestly I felt it was too long.  I doubt I will ever cruise again, I feel it’s just not my thing.   I am not the type of person who would ever consume alcohol all day everyday for 7 days!  Add in the pizza, burgers and ice cream that are always available and you have one of the most unhealthy lifestyles you can get.  No wonder I’ve heard people say you can gain a lot of weight on a cruise… but if you are careful, it is easily avoidable.  Check my next post where I’ll explain how I would have prepared myself better…..


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