Tea of The Moment…

I have always enjoyed making myself a warm cup of tea in the cold winter.  There are so many varieties and combinations of teas.  They are not only delicious but have many different health benefits as well.  While I was visiting my family last month we tried a new tea my brother purchased from Teavanna.  It’s the limited peppermint white chocolate tea, it’s a rooibos tea with peppermint raw cacao and white cacao.  This tea doesn’t need any sugar or sweetener into it, it’s naturally slightly sweet and so satisfying.  I loved it so much I purchased my own when I got back home.


Rooibos tea is supposed to be very low in caffeine so this tea shouldn’t keep you up at night but even so, I prefer to drink it in the morning.  I feel it gives me more energy for the day.  I make a cup of this in my travel tea tumbler and have it on my drive to work. Peppermint is said to be soothing for the tummy, it’s good for digestion or if you have an upset tummy.  I also find it very invigorating but relaxing at the same time, if that makes any sense.  Raw cacao also has it’s own slew of benefits.  So this tea is not only delicious but it is good for you.

I haven’t purchased too many teas from Teavanna but the ones I have tried are always so yummy and unique tasting.  I’ll have to start shopping for teas there more often.  Do any of you shop at Teavanna? What are some of your favorite teas you have tried?

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